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I teach creators who want to make a living doing their own thing.

Who is Mike Murphy?

I am a one man band (you know, an enthusiastic, optimistic, home-studio entrepreneur who wears too many hats and has to figure everything out on his own). I have watched over 11,000 Lynda.com classes and often find myself humming the intro music to tutorials. Music, Photography, Photoshop & inDesign are my comfort foods. I have a thing for fonts, old music posters, concert tickets and authentic vintage design and typography. I am not the musician or artist I wish I could be, but I continue practicing the art of creating things whether it be stylizing and restoring photos, making time-lapse & behind the scenes videos, or practicing hand lettering, texturing and designing logos in Illustrator. 

In September of 2015, I conquered the harder-than-expected goal of launching a podcast from start to finish and I will share my entire process with you (including my mistakes). If you want to be good at anything in life, hard work and practice is required. Easier said than done. Learn. Create. Move Forward. These are words I live by. I want to help you learn what you need to know in order to create great content so you can move forward in business and in life. Simple, huh? Although I have struggled for years being an introvert and jack of all trades, I have never stopped believing or working towards the goal of making a dent in the universe no matter how big or small. I created my blog and podcast as a platform to share my voice and my perspective which is unique to me, but teaching and helping people figure things out is what moves me forward.

Mike Murphy Unplugged podcast will help you Learn by teaching you the technical & business stuff behind running a blog or podcast, Create by building a community of talented entrepreneurs who inspire each other to make great things, Move Forward in business and in life because we are in this together and will hold each other accountable. If the tech is holding you back, or you lack clarity or focus, or you have too many ideas and just don’t know where to start or how to figure it all out, please join my band. Cheers, Mike

Mike Murphy
Podcaster, Tutorial Maker, Tech Handyman
Located in Naples, Florida

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Mike Murphy Unplugged: Learn how to podcast, create online content and build a personal brand and business doing what you love.


Mike Murphy Unplugged

Great show (ep 56), Mike! The Audition team has been listening today, and really appreciate the kind words about Audition and advice for new users. Let me know if you have any questions or requests for future versions!

Duerin Gleaves

Product Manger, Adobe Audition

I love Mike’s organized, simple, and direct approach to dishing out good quality, firsthand information. And he’s so resourceful. I think of him as the MacGyver of on-line marketing. Keep rockin’ it, Mike.

Rich Grimshaw

Audiobook Narrator and Producer

Super Talented and Helpful Is there anything related to Tech, Websites, Podcasting and Photography that Mike Murphy doesn’t know about? Whatever you need to learn, Mike seemingly has an episode for it containing great tips to help your operate as your own “one-man band.” Highly recommended!

Ross Brand

Livestream Universe

Really great content and quality Found Mike by accident and really glad I did. He has a lot of knowledge covering several lanes on the creative highway. I think it’s best said that Mike has all that information that most of us want to know or maybe we know but forgot somewhere along the way! Keep it up Mike!

Nicky Bizzle

United States

Wonderful podcast. Extremely insightful and empowering. Funny, too!

Jen Oppenheimer