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Ep128: The Podfest 2018 Show

Today’s episode is the overview and breakdown Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018 held at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, Florida from Feb 8–10, 2018

Episode Summary:

What is Podfest Multimedia Expo? Why did I attend for the third year in a row? What were my goals and expectations for attending Podfest 2018? What did I learn or takeaway from the event that I can apply to my podcast or business?

Ep127: The Facebook Live Show

Today is Part 3 of 3 Social Media Mini-Series

Special Guest: Ross Brand from

Episode Summary:

What is Facebook Live? How do you use it? What type of Facebook Lives can you create if you are a personal brand, content creator or small business?

Ep126: The Twitter Show

Today is Part 2 of 3 Social Media Mini-Series

Special Guest: Ross Brand from

Episode Summary:

1. Is Twitter still relevant for content creators and personal brands in 2018 and if so, why? 2. Do you recommend sharing content from all other social media channels and is there any best practices to follow? 3. Can you explain the etiquette of liking posts, retweeting and sharing tweets?

Ep125: The LinkedIn Show

Today is Part 1 of 3 Social Media Mini-Series

Special Guest: Ross Brand from

Episode Summary:

What is LinkedIn? Why should content creators be on LinkedIn in 2018? Where do you start? What is most important? What type of content should you create? How often should you post on LinkedIn?

Ep124: The Wellness Show

Today's episode is all about my 2018 Health & Wellness Project

Episode Summary:

What is the project? My personal goals at the start of the project My business goals for my client My content strategy and approach The tools and resources used to document the project

Ep123: The Mike Murphy Show

Today is all about me, Mike Murphy, The One Man Band. Who I am and the paths I took to get here. The facts and the highlight reel. My history, profile and resume all rolled into one.

Ep 122: The 2018 Roadmap Show

In Episode 122, I share my 2018 Roadmap to keep me on track this year. What is my mantra or theme for 2018? What are my priorities for Mike Murphy LLC in 2018? What type of content will l be creating and how often?

Ep121: The 2017 Show

Happy New Years to all! Today is a reflection show as I look back at 2017. Today’s episode will include: My 5 Favorite episodes from 2017 and why. Overview and Goals of the 2017 Roadmap The results or report card for Mike Murphy LLC. Show Notes: Connect on Facebook:

Ep120: The Podcasts Connect Show

What is Podcasts Connect by Apple? What are Podcast Analytics all about? Part 1: Features of Podcasts Connect to manage your podcast, launch a new podcast and resources to learn all about podcasting. Part 2: Overview of the new Podcast Analytics which is a new feature located inside of Podcasts Connect

Ep119: The Podcast & Business Show

Ep119: The Podcast & Business Show 5 ways reasons why your business should consider launching a podcast in 2018. This episode is especially helpful for local and traditional brick and mortar small businesses that want to elevate their online presence and cater to a local client bases. Advertising & Sales Authority Building Client Relations & Community Building Content Marketing Revenue Stream

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