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What is Zoom?

A video and audio conferencing tool to connect, communicate, collaborate, chat, run webinars, meetings, etc. Runs on Mac or Windows and on mobile devices.

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Zoom Tutorial: Virtual Backgrounds

This tutorial will show you how to add Virtual Backgrounds to Zoom Calls so you can add cool and custom backgrounds during your video calls. This effect is often done by using green screens, but Zoom makes virtual backgrounds very easy.

  • No green required
  • Add images, gifs, or videos to Zoom video calls
  • You can add virtual backgrounds on the web or mobile versions.

Note: For this tutorial, I am using the Zoom version 4.6.11 on a Mac. You can also add virtual backgrounds on the Zoom mobile apps.

How To Add Virtual Backgrounds to Zoom:

Add Virtual Background from Settings or Toolbar:
Settings Menu: look for the gear icon under your profile pic
– Toolbar: Hover cursor over video and toolbar will appear on the bottom.

Settings > Virtual Background
Toolbar> Choose Virtual Background (hover cursor over the video)
Virtual Background Settings & Library
  1. Open Zoom app
  2. Click on Gear Icon in the top-right just below profile pic (Settings)
  3. Hover cursor over the video to see the bottom menu (Toolbar)
  4. Click the up-facing arrow next to ‘Stop Video’ (Toolbar)
  5. Select ‘Choose Virtual Background’ in the Sidebar
  6. Select ‘None’ for your natural background
  7. Click on any of the default Zoom Virtual Backgrounds to add behind you (Golden Gate Bridge, Grass, Earth, Northern Lights, Beach)

How To Turn Off Virtual Background

If you are in a meeting and you need to get serious, it’s good to know how to quickly turn off the virtual background.

Select None for your natural background
  1. Hover your cursor over the video and toolbar will pop-up on the bottom
  2. Click the arrow next to ‘Stop Video’
  3. Select ‘Choose Virtual Background’
  4. Click on ‘None’

How To Add Custom Virtual Background

Add still images, animated gifs, videos for your Zoom backgrounds. #havefun

Some Virtual Background Resources: Unsplash, Giphy, Mixkit, Pixar

Click + to add a Custom Virtual Backgrounds
  1. Open Virtual Backgrounds from the Settings Menu or Toolbar
  2. Click the Plus (+) icon and select ‘Add Image or Add Video’
  3. Navigate to the media file and open
  4. Virtual Background will now be behind you

How To Delete A Virtual Background:

Click the X to Delete any Virtual Background
  1. Click on ‘Choose Virtual Background’
  2. Look for X in the top-right corner of any image or video and click to delete.

Additional Settings:

  1. Click ‘I have a green screen’ if you want to use your own.
  2. Check the box to ‘Mirror my video’ to flip the background
Additional Settings

Video Tutorial:


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