Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Use Wiggler

This tutorial will show you use the Wiggler Panel to add random movements to Layer Properties such as Position & Rotation in Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

Wiggle Expression
wiggle (frequency, amplitude/magnitude)

Frequency: How Often (speed)
Amplitude or Magnitude: How Much (distance in pixels)

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:11  What is Wiggler?
00:21  How To Access Wiggler (Window Menu)
00:31  Add Keyframe To Position Property
00:51  Wiggler Settings
01:15  Wiggle Expression (Frequency, Magnitude/Amplitude)
01:37  Apply Wiggler
01:54  Add Additional Position Keyframe
02:40  Wiggler: Rotation Property

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Animate Layer Properties in Adobe After Effects:

    1. Open Wiggler Panel (Window Menu…Wiggler)
    2. Select Layer
    3. Tap Property Keyboard shortcut such as P for Position
    4. Drag the CTI (Play-head) to the beginning of the timeline
    5. Tap the stopwatch to add a keyframe
    6. Move the CTI forward in time
    7. Change the position of the layer to add a 2nd keyframe
    8. Repeat adding keyframes to the end of the timeline or where you want the Wiggle to stop

How To Use Use Wiggler Panel:

    1. Open Wiggler Panel (Window Menu…Wiggler)
    2. Select Layer
    3. Tap Property Name to select all keyframes
    4. Go to Wiggler and adjust settings
    5. Change ‘Apply To’ to Spatial Path
    6. Change ‘Noise Type’ to Jagged
    7. Change ‘Dimensions’ to All Independently
    8. Frequency (how often): I used 6
    9. Magnitude (how much): I used 9
    10. Click Apply to add Wiggler Keyframes
    11. Repeat for additional properties

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