Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023: How To Use Watch Folders

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This tutorial will show you how to create & use Watch Folders in Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023 so you can simply drag media files onto any folder and AME will automatically encode the files and output them to a folder.

Knowledge Base Article:
Adobe Media Encoder Getting Started Guide


00:00 Intro: About this tutorial
00:17 How To Create Watch Folders
00:32 Output Default Folder
00:53 Add Encoding Presets
01:38 Queue Preview
01:48 Example 1: Video Files to 4K
02:04 Output Folder & Source Folder
02:21 How To Add Additional Outputs
02:45 How To Remove Outputs
03:06 Example 2: Audio Files to MP3


Software Used:
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create a Watch Folder in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) CC 2023:

  1. Open Adobe Media Folder
  2. Go to ‘Watch Folders’ tab (Window….Watch Folders)
  3. Click the + Add Folder Icon or drag any folder from the hard drive on the panel
  4. Click on ‘New Folder’ and enter a name for Watch Folder (I.e. ‘Watch Folder’)
  5. Change Format and Preset or drag an encoding preset on the output
  6. Confirm the ‘Output Folder’ path


How To Use Watch Folder in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) CC 2023:

  1. Drag a media file (audio, video, AE Comp, Premiere Pro, etc) into Watch Folder
  2. Adobe Media Encoder will automatically add file(s) to the  ‘Queue’
  3. Final encoded files will be in the Output Folder
  4. The original files will be in a folder called ‘Source ’

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