Screenflow 10: How To Export Video Only

This tutorial will show you how to export the video only from Screenflow 10 without any audio. This can be helpful if you want to repurpose a video and add a VoiceOver or set to music or maybe you are making a portfolio and just need the visuals.

Keyboard Shortcut:
Cmd + E: Export Video

00:00  Intro: About this tutorial
00:22  Why export video only?
00:32  How to export video only
01:15  How to customize video settings?

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Export Video Only in Screenflow 10:

  1. Go to File Menu
  2. Click on Export (Cmd + E)
  3. Click on Manual
  4. Click on the Preset Drop-down menu
  5. Select ‘Web High’
  6. Click ‘Customize’
  7. Uncheck ‘AAC Audio’ Box
  8. Customize H.264 Video settings as necessary
  9. Click OK
  10. Enter Title in ‘Save As’ Field
  11. Choose Destination (where to save file)
  12. Click ‘Export’
  13. The exported file will have video but no audio 👍