Adobe After Effects CC 2024: How To Add valueAtTime Expression (Rotation)​

This tutorial will show you how to add the valueAtTime Expression to the Rotation Property in Adobe After Effects CC 2024 to reference the value of rotation property of another layer at a specified time on the animation. This will also work on Scale & Opacity Properties.

valueAtTime (t):
Returns the value of a property at the specified time, in seconds.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

R: Rotation Property

index – 1 (look at layer above)
index + 1 (look at layer below)

Tutorial Expression:

valueAtTime (Position):

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00:00 Intro: About The Tutorial
00:30 What is valueAtTime?
01:04 Create Animation
01:41 Add Expression
02:25 Breakdown of Expression
03:05 Layer Index (index -1)
04:19 Duplicating Layer Fun

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use valueAtTime Expression On Rotation, Scale + Opacity:

  1. Create New Composition
  2. Add 2 Logos or Graphic Layers
  3. Logo 1 on Layer 1
  4. Logo 2 on Layer 2
  5. Select Both Layers
  6. Tap R for Rotation
  7. Click stopwatch to add 2 keyframes
  8. Move CTI forward in time and enter 2 for rotations
  9. Hold Option/Alt key and click on stopwatch for Rotation on Layer 1
  10. Change “Layer Name” to index-1
  11. Go to the end of the expression
  12. add a Period (.)
  13. Enter valueAtTime(time-2);
  14. Tap Spacebar to preview

How To Add Layer Styles To Track Mattes:
1. Create a New Composition or Open Existing Comp
2. Drag Track Matte Comp into any other Composition
3. Select Track Matte Comp in Layers Panel
4. Go to ‘Layer’ menu and select Layer Styles
5. Add Layer Style to Track Matte Comp
6. Layer Style should show up on the Track Matte

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