After Effects CC 2022: How To Use CC Twister Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use the CC Twister Effect in Adobe After Effects CC 2022 which is a fun effect that twists objects from the front to the backside. The front may be a text layer and you can twist it to reveal a different backside.

CC Twister Properties:
Completion (This is the twist from front to back) 0 – 100%
Backside (select what is revealed after the twist is completed)
Shading (turn on or off)
Center (where the starting point is)
Axis (Rotation Wheel)

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use the CC Twister Effect in Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  1. Create a New Composition (Cmd + N)
  2. Add a new text layer with Fill
  3. Add a new text layer and turn off Fill but add Stroke (set width & color in the top toolbar)
  4. Hide the visibility of the Text Outline Layer
  5. Select the Text Fill Layer (or the layer you want to apply CC Twister)
  6. Go to ‘Effects & Presets’ (Window…Effects & Presets)
  7. Click in Search Box and type in ‘Twister’ and it will be in the ‘Transition’ category
  8. Drag Texturize Effect on the Text Fill Layer
  9. Go to ‘Effect Controls’
  10. Scrub the Completion amount from 0% (frontside) to 100% (backside) to preview the effect
  11. Go to ‘Backside’ and click on the drop-down menu and choose the Layer to be used on the Backside
  12. Uncheck ’Shading’ if you do not want the Shading/Shadow on the layers
  13. Use the ‘Center’ point to change the start of the Twist

How To Animate the CC Twister Effect in Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  1. Drag the playhead to the beginning of the Timeline
  2. Click on the Stopwatch next to Completion set to 0% to add a keyframe
  3. Drag the playhead forward in time
  4. Drag the Completion slider to 100% which will add the 2nd keyframe
  5. Select the keyframes and tap F9 to Easy Ease the keyframes
  6. Press the Spacebar to preview 

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