Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Use Transform Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use the Transform Effect to control the transform properties for multiple layers in Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

Transform Effect:
This is useful to add finishing touches to animations or when you want to change a Transform Property (position, rotation, scale, etc) for multiple layers without needing to change its layer independently.

Expressions Used in Tutorial (on Position Property)
wiggle (frequency, amplitude)

Transform Properties (Layers):
Anchor Point (a)
Scale (s)
Position (p)
Rotation (r)
Opacity (t)

Transform Effect (additional properties):
Skew Axis
Shutter Angle

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:28  Why Use Transform Effect?
00:37  Add Adjustment Layer
00:47  Effects & Presets Panel
01:03  Add Transform Effect to Adjustment Layer
01:30  Add Wiggle Expression (Position Property)
01:48  Wiggle Expression Values
02:33  Transform Effect vs. Layer Transform Properties
03:11   Hiding Visibility of Adjustment Layer

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use Transform Effect in After Effects:

  1. Create a New Composition
  2. Add layers to create an animation
  3. Add Adjustment Layer
  4. Go to ‘Effects & Presets’ Panel
  5. Search for ‘Transform’
  6. Drag onto Adjustment Layer
  7. Change properties, keyframe properties and/or add expressions
  8. Option/Alt Click on ‘Position’ Property
  9. Type wiggle Expression
  10. Wiggle (1,5)
  11. All layers under the Adjustment Layer will wiggle
  12. Press Spacebar to preview