YouTube Live: How To Add A Trailer Video for Scheduled Livestreams


This tutorial will show you how to add a trailer video to promote a scheduled YouTube Livestream. The trailer video can provide a preview of what can be expected in the scheduled YouTube Live.

Some ways to schedule a YouTube Live:
YouTube App
 (it’s very easy to do on iPhone app)
Ecamm Live (what I use to Livestream)

Step 1: Schedule YouTube Live
Step 2: Create Trailer Video
Step 3: Upload Trailer as ‘Unlisted’ on YouTube Channel
Step 4: Add ‘Unlisted’ Trailer Video to Scheduled Livestream

Software Used:
Ecamm Live (to schedule and Livestream)

Step 1: How To Schedule A YouTube Live:
Schedule a YouTube Live using Ecamm, the Youtube app, or another tool on a set date and time

How To Schedule Livestream Using Ecamm Live

  1. Open Ecamm Live
  2. In the Program Window in the bottom right corner, select Destination…YouTube
  3. Click on ‘Broadcast To’ and select Public, Unlisted, or Private
  4. Click on ‘New Scheduled Live
  5. Add Title
  6. Add Description
  7. Add Thumbnail
  8. Stream Latency: Normal
  9. Scheduled Start Time
  10. Click ‘Schedule’

Step 2: Create A Trailer Video
Create a short trailer/preview video using Screenflow or the video creation tool of choice.
The trailer video should be a ‘teaser’ to get your audience excited to join the Livestream.

Step 3: Upload Trailer as ‘Unlisted’ on YouTube Channel

  1. Go to YouTube Channel
  2. Click + icon and select video to upload (the same method as uploading any video)
  3. Add Title & Details
  4. Add Thumbnail, etc
  5. Publish as ‘Unlisted’
  6. Click on ‘Save’

Step 4: Add ‘Unlisted’ Trailer Video to Scheduled Livestream

  1. Open YouTube Channel
  2. Click on Profile Icon
  3. Click on YouTube Studio
  4. Click on ‘Content’ in the left sidebar
  5. Click on ‘Live’ in the top center of page
  6. Hover cursor over scheduled YouTube Live
  7. Click on the Pencil icon
  8. Click on ‘Customization’ in the left sidebar
  9. Scroll to the bottom and look for ‘Trailer’ section
  10. Click on ‘Add’ 
  11. Select ‘Unlisted’ trailer video previously added 
  12. Click on ‘Save’
  13. While still in ‘Content’ + ‘Live’ hover cursor over scheduled livestream
  14. Click on the 3 dots to the right of title 
  15. Click on ‘View on YouTube’ to see post + trailer
  16. Copy Link to share on Community Tab or elsewhere


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