After Effects CC 2023: Create Nulls From Paths (Trace Paths)

Solids Folder Basics

This tutorial will show you how to Trace Paths using the Create Nulls From Paths script in Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Cmd/Ctrl + N: Create New Composition
S: Scale

00:00  Intro: About the Tutorial
00:14  Create New Rounded Rectangle (Any Shape)
00:38  Open ‘Create Nulls From Paths’ script
01:01  Select Shape Layer Path
01:14  Convert to Bezier Path
01:38  Click on ‘Trace Path’
01:58   How To Set First Vertex
02:33  Align object with Null Layer
02:47  Parent Object to Null
03:16  How To Reverse Direction

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Trace Paths in Adobe After Effects CC 2023:

  1. Create a new Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  2. Create A New Shape (ex. Rounded Rectangle)
  3. Go to Window Menu and look all the way to the bottom of the menu
  4. Select Create Nulls From Paths’ script
  5. Twirl open Shape Layer
  6. Twirl open Contents
  7. Twirl Open ‘Path 1’
  8. Right Click and select ‘Convert to Bezier’
  9. Drag CTI to the beginning of the Timeline
  10. Select ‘Path’ property
  11. Click on ‘Trace Path’
  12. Change ‘First Vertex; to change the Null Starting Point
  13. Drag on graphic to follow null
  14. Parent to Null Layer
  15. To change speed, select Null layer, Tap U and adjust