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The 2018 Roadmap Show

In Episode 122, I share my 2018 Roadmap to keep me on track this year.

Episode Summary:

What is my mantra or theme for 2018?
What are my priorities for Mike Murphy LLC in 2018?
What type of content will l be creating and how often?

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The 2017 Show

Happy New Years to all!

Today is a reflection show as I look back at 2017.

Episode Summary:

My 5 Favorite episodes from 2017 and why.
Overview and Goals of the 2017 Roadmap
The results or report card for Mike Murphy LLC.

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The Podcasts Connect Show

Ep120 is about the new Apple Podcasts Connect for podcasters to manage past and present shows

Episode Summary:

What is Podcasts Connect by Apple?
What are Podcast Analytics all about?
Podcast Resources & Educational Material

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The Podcast & Business Show

5 ways reasons why your business should consider launching a podcast in 2018.

This episode is especially helpful for local and traditional brick and mortar small businesses that want to elevate their online presence and cater to a local client bases.

Episode Summary:
Advertising & Sales
Authority Building
Client Relations & Community Building
Content Marketing
Revenue Stream

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The Instagram Story Show

Ep118: The Instagram Story Show
How I use Instagram stories one year after it’s launch in August 2016 and my process for creating daily stories.

Refresher course on Instagram Stories
Why do I use Instagram Stories?
How do I come up with topics, what makes a good story?
What tools or apps do I use to help me tell a more interesting story?

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The Concierge Show

Ep.117: The Concierge Show
What is Murphy Concierge?
Why did I start it?
What steps did I take to get started?
What tools and resources did I use?
What are my goals for Murphy Concierge?

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The Franklin Show

Episode 116: The Franklin Show

Today is a mobile podcast episode as I record this from a backseat of a Buick SUV.

In this episode:
Black Friday Deals Update
History Lesson of Franklin, TN
Behind the Scenes of Mobile Podcast Kit

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The Open Mike Show

Ep115: The Open Mike Show

What has led me to want to teach people online?
What the heck am I doing making daily content and tutorials and what is my game-plan?
What does success look like for Mike Murphy LLC?

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The Gift Guide Show

Ep114: The Holiday Gift & Gear Show

What is the Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators?

Why did I create the Holiday Guide?

What are my goals?

How do I make the content?

Where do I distribute the content?

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The Digital Cleanup Show

Ep109: The Digital Cleanup Show
How to clean up your digital online world which includes your computer, iDevices and social media and online platforms.

The goal is to improve productivity, focus and give you peace of mind.

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The Priority Show

Today I am going to share what I have been doing to achieve focus and clarity in my online business and life.
I will share the initial steps I have taken to simplify my business and life by doing a self-audit and cleaning up my home and work environment.

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