After Effects CC 2023: Text Around Circle

Solids Folder Basics

This tutorial will show you create and animate text around a Circle or any path in Adobe After Effects CC 2023

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Cmd/Ctrl + T: Add Text
F2: Deselect All Layers

Font Used in Tutorial:
Londrina Solid

Expression Used in Tutorial:

00:00  Intro: About the Tutorial
00:16  Add Text: Cmd/Ctrl + T
00:32  Shape Tool: Ellipse
00:52  Path Options: Select Mask
01:10  Reverse Path (Text to Outside)
01:39  Refine Text Around Circle
01:52  How To Animate Text Around Circle
02:42  Add Inner Circle w/Stroke
03:16  Align Layers To Center

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create Text Around A Circle (or any Path):

  1. Create a new Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  2. Add Text (Cmd/Ctrl + T)
  3. Select Text Layer in Layers Panel
  4. Go to Shape Tool
  5. Select Ellipse Tool
  6. Hold Shift Key & drag out a circle.
  7. Go to Layers Panel
  8. Twirl open text layer
  9. Twirl open ‘Text’
  10. Twirl open ‘Path Options’
  11. Click on Drop-down menu next to Path property
  12. Select ‘Mask 1’ to add text on the inside of circle
  13. Go to ‘Reverse Path’ property and turn to ‘Off’ to set text on the outside of path


How To Animate Text Around Circle (or any Path):

  1. Go to Layers Panel
  2. Twirl open text layer
  3. Twirl open ‘Text’
  4. Twirl open ‘Path Options’
  5. Go to ‘First Margin’ property
  6. Press the Alt or Option key to add an expression
  7. Add the expression…time*150
  8. Add smaller value to slow down animation (ex. time*75)
  9. Add larger value to speed up animation (ex. time*300)
  10. Add negative value to reverse animation (ex time*-150)


How To Add Inner Shape Circe:

  1. Deselect All in Layers Panel (F2)
  2. Go to Shape Tool
  3. Select Ellipse Tool
  4. Turn off Fill
  5. Click swatch to change Stroke Color
  6. Set Stroke Width (13px was used in tutorial)
  7. Hold Shift key to draw perfect circle
  8. Drag out circle
  9. Select both layers