After Effects CC 2022: Solids Folder

Solids Folder Basics

This tutorial is about the Solids Folder in the Project Panel of Adobe After Effects CC 2022. You will learn how to rename the Solids Folder, how to assign any folder as the Solids Folder, and how to change the default name for the Solids Folder.

What the heck is the Solids Folder?
It is a folder that lives in the Project Panel and is automatically created by After Effects the first time you create either a New Solid, Null Object, or Adjustment Layer. Each additional one of these objects that you create in any Comp or Pre-Comp in a Project will get added to the Solids Folder. 

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Create a new Solid: Cmd/Ctrl + Y
Create a new Null Object: Shift + Opt/Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + Y
Create a new Adjustment Layer: Opt/Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + Y

00:05 Intro: Solids Folder Tutorial
00:20 Overview of what you will learn
00:37 What is the Solids Folder?
00:55 When is the Solids Folder created?
01:11 Why is the Layer Menu greyed out?
01:49 Keyboard Shortcut: Create New Solid (Cmd + Y)
02:09 How To Rename Solids Folder
02:37 How To Assign Any Folder as Solids Folder
03:11 How To Change Name of Default Solids Folder

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create a New Solid, Null Object, or Adjustment Layer:

  1. Right-click in the Comp Window or Layers Panel and select New….
  2. Or, go to Layers Menu and select New…
  3. Or, use a keyboard shortcut such as Create a New Solid (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)

How To Rename the Solids Folder:

  1. Select the Default Solids Folder
  2. Tap Enter/Return
  3. Type new name 
  4. Click outside of the folder and you will get a Warning/Dialog Box
  5.  Click on ‘Yes, use “new name” (or click on No to Cancel)

How To Assign Any Folder As the Default Solids Folder:

  1. Select the Solids Folder
  2. Right-click and  click on ‘Solids Folder’ in the contextual menu to check this option
  3. All new Solids, Nulls, and Adjustment Layers will end up in this folder

How To Rename the Default Solids Folder Auto-Generated by After Effects:

  1. Go to the top Menu
  2. Click on ‘After Effects’
  3. Click on ‘Preferences’
  4. Click on ‘New Project’
  5. Look for ‘New Project Solids Folder’
  6. Click on the Text Field and Type New Default Solids Folder Name
  7. Click ‘OK’
  8. Open New Project
  9. Create a New Solid (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)
  10. The Solids Folder will have the new Folder Name

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