Screenflow 10: How To Select Clips In Timeline

This tutorial will show you how to find or locate where clips in the Media Bin are located on the Timeline in Screenflow 10. This is helpful if you want to identify where a clip is being used on the Timeline or if a clip is being used multiple times on the Timeline.

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Select Clips On the Screenflow 10:

  1. Select Any Clip in the Media Bin (Last Tab in the inspector Panel)
  2. Right-click or Ctrl-click and choose ‘Select Clips In Timeline’
  3. If the clip is on the Timeline, there will be a yellow stroke around it
  4. If you choose ‘Select Clips In Timeline’ and no clips are highlighted in yellow, then that clip is not on the Timeline.

Deleting Clips:

  1. If you try deleting a clip in the Media Bin, you will get a warning if it is on the Timeline
  2. If you press ‘Delete’ on a clip in the Media Bin and there is no warning, the clip was not on the Timeline and deleted instantly (press Cmd+Z to recover)

Zooming In & Out Of Timeline To View Selected Clips Easier:

  1. Press the Dash/Minus Key (-) to Zoom Out of the Timeline
  2. Press the Plus/Equal Key (=) to Zoom In
  3. Drag the Slider in the bottom left corner of the timeline to zoom in and out
  4. Press Ctrl + T to ‘Zoom Timeline To Fit’