Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Import From Scanner to Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to scan images from your scanner directly into Adobe Photoshop CC 2023.

00:00 Intro: About The Tutorial
00:13  Step 1: Load File Into Scanner
00:35  Open Photoshop…Go To File…Import..Images From Device
00:49  Create a new Photoshop Document (Ex 1)
01:11   Configure Scan Settings
01:44  Click ‘Scan’ to scan into Photoshop
02:06  Create a new layer…(Ex. 2)
02:22  Unlock Layer & Rename
02:36  Scan in new texture
03:00  Select ‘Create new layer in frontmost document’

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Scan Directly into  Photoshop:

  1. Load artwork or file into Scanner
  2. Open Photoshop
  3. Go to File Menu
  4. Select Import
  5. Select ‘Images from Device’
  6. Select Scanner in the left Sidebar
  7. Image Preview should load automatically (or click ‘Overview’ to update)
  8. Change settings
  9. Select ‘Create a new Photoshop document’ or ‘Create a new layer in frontmost document’
  10. Click on ‘Scan’ to scan into Photoshop
  11. Click on lock icon in Layer Panel to unlock
  12. Double-click on layers to rename
  13. Repeat to add new textures to existing document or create new documents

How To Configure Scanner Settings:

  1. Kind: Color or Black & White (Greyscale)
  2. Resolution: 600 dpi
  3. Size: US Letter
  4. Orientation:
  5. Scan To: Desktop
  6. Name: Enter File Name
  7. Format: Jpeg (or Tiff, PNG)
  8. Image Correction: None
  9. Click ’Scan’