After Effects CC 2023: How To Use RotoBrush 2 Tool

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This tutorial will show you how to use the RotoBrush 2 Tool in Adobe After Effects CC 2023 to remove or separate objects from the background.

Adobe Help Article:

Green Brush: Add to Selection
Red Brush: Remove From Selection (Option/Alt Key)

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Option/Alt + W: RotoBrush Tool
Cmd/Ctrl + Click: Change RotoBrush Size
Option/Alt: Remove From Selection (Brush will turn from green to red) 
Page Up/Page Down: Move PlayHead forward and back frame by frame
Cmd/Ctrl + Arrows: Move PlayHead forward and back frame by frame

The first frame is the most important, so get the selection as good as possible on Frame 1.
The footage to be rotoscoped should b the same Frame Rate as Comp
Rotobrush does not work on main Comp Window (double-click to open in Layer,
Use the Refine Edge Tool for more detailed selections such as hair

00:00  Intro: About the Tutorial
00:14  What is the RotoBrush 2 Tool?
00:36  Match Frame Rates (Footage & Comp Settings)
00:57  Open Footage in Layer
01:09  Select RotoBrush 2 Tool (Opt/Alt + W)
01:36  Move CTI To Beginning (1st Frame)
01:50  How To Change Brush Size
02:10  Brush Object To Make Selection
02:27  Green Brush (Add)…Red Brush (Subtract)
03:04  Effect Control Panel
03:17  Start Propagation (SpaceBar)
03:35  Frame By Frame Inspection (Cmd/Ctrl + Arrows)
03:44  Freeze & Unfreeze
04:01  To See & Use RotoBrush Footage
04:32  Need to make adjustments?


Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To the RotoBrush 2 Tool in Adobe After Effects CC 2023:

  1. Add Footage to Composition
  2. Double-click on footage to open in Layer
  3. Go to top toolbar and click on the RotoBrush Icon
  4. Move CTI (Playhead) to the beginning of the timeline
  5. Select the RotoBrush Tool (Option/Alt + W)
  6. Cursor should turn into green circle with crosshair
  7. Make one stroke across object to be separated from the background
  8. The pink stroke around the object is the selection
  9. When brush is green, brush to add to selection
  10. Press Option or Alt and the brush will turn red.
  11. When brush is red, brush areas to be removed from selection
  12. Go around the entire object adjusting the selection so it is as good as possible
  13. Press the Space to start propagation
  14. When green status bar is complete, review footage to see how AE did with the RotoBrush
  15. Drag CTI to the beginning and scrub to the right frame by frame inspecting the selection
  16. Adjust selection as necessary
  17. Use the buttons under the Comp Window to view select with different overlays
  18. Use the ‘Effect Controls’ and change to ‘Best’ Quality
  19. Use Feather & Shift Edge to fine tune selection
  20. Use the ‘Refine Edge Tool’ for more detailed selections such as hair
  21. When happy with selection for the entire duration of clip, press ‘Freeze’ to hold propagation I place
  22. Press ‘Freeze’ again to Unfreeze and continue editing
  23. When done, click the ‘Comp’ tab above the Comp Window to return to main Comp
  24. RotoBrush footage now on a transparent background
  25. Add footage below or place RotoBrush layer in any scene.
  26. Open Layer and select RotoBrush Tool at any time to refine if necessary

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