Adobe Audition CC 2022: How to Create A RodeCaster Pro Multitrack Template

This tutorial will show you how to create a re-usable Adobe Audition Multitrack Template that includes a track for each input (channel) on the RodeCaster Pro. So, each time you create a new Multitrack Session in Adobe Audition, you can select the RodeCaster Pro Template and all channels will be armed for recording and ready to record all channels of the RodeCaster Pro.

You must enable Multitrack Recording on the Rodecaster Pro Rode Knowledgebase



00:05 Intro: What you will learn
00:25 How to enable Multitrack USB
00:36 Adobe Audition Hardware Preferences
00:47 Create New Multitrack Session
01:06 Rename Tracks
01:19 Arm For Record
01:26 Add Microphone Channels 
02:32 Add USB Channel
02:46 Add Additional Stereo Tracks
03:03 Add TRRS Channel
03:14 Add BlueTooth Channel
03:21 Add Sound Pads Channel
03:32 How To Save As Template
04:00 How To Use Multitrack Template

Software Used:
Adobe Audition CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create a RodeCaster Pro Multitrack Template:

  1. Enable Multitrack USB Recording on the RodeCaster Pro
  2. In Audition Audio Hardware Settings, set the Default Input to RodeCaster Pro Multichannel
  3. Create a New Multirack
  4. Add A Track for each RodeCaster Pro Channel
  5. File…Export…Save Session As Template