Adobe Photoshop CC 2024: How To Reverse Layer Order

This tutorial will show you how to reverse the order of layers Adobe Photoshop CC 2024. This is particularly helpful when importing a PNG Sequence for a frame animation where the number 1 is at the top of the layer stack and it should be on the bottom.


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00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:31   Importing A PNG Sequence
00:42  File…Scripts…Load Files Into Stack
00:57  FYI: Order of Selection
01:19   Import Layer Order
01:39  Reverse Layer Order
02:07  Reverse Order Options
02:22  Open Timeline Panel
03:05  Reverse Layers (Post-Frame Animation)

Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Load Files Into Stack in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024:

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Go to File Menu
  3. Select ‘Scripts’
  4. Select ‘Load Files In Stack’
  5. Select ‘Files’ or ‘Folders’ (default Files is typically fine)
  6. Keep ’Smart Object’ tick box unchecked unless you know you want it
  7. Click ‘Browse’
  8. Navigate to folder or location of files to load
  9. Select all files
  10. Click ‘Open’
  11. Keep bottom checkboxes unticked unless you want them
  12. Click ‘OK’ to load files as layers in a new Photoshop document

How To Reverse The Layer Order in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024:

  1. Select Layers To Be Reversed (all or at least two)
  2. Go to Layer Menu
  3. Go to ’Arrange’
  4. Select ‘Reverse’
  5. Layers are now in reverse order

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