Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Use The Properties Panel

This tutorial will show you how to use the new Properties Panel in Adobe After Effects CC 2023 to speed up making animations by cutting down on the ’twirl time’ of opening layers to access properties and settings.

After Effects Version Required:
23.4.0 or later
Learn More About The Effect Manager:

The Properties Panel:

  1. Will speed up workflow and make it easier and faster to animate layers
  2. Lives next to Composition Window
  3. Add animation to your text, shapes, and layers without changing the timeline view.
  4. Access to the important properties and controls for your selected layer or layers

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:21  How To Open Properties Panel (Window Menu)
00:38  Properties Panel: Transform Properties
00:56  Adding Keyframes from Properties Panel
01:27   Double-Click On Properties
01:45  Selecting Shape Layers
02:17   Shape Properties & Transform Controls
02:44  Properties Panel: Text Layers
03:13  Text Animation: Add Animators
03:53  Auto-Open Settings
04:13  Auto-Open Settings

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Open Properties Panel (Manual):

  1. Go to the top Menu
  2. Click on ‘Window’
  3. Select ‘Properties’

How To Use Properties Panel:

  1. Select any layer
  2. Look in Properties Panel
  3. The Top section controls Layer Transform controls
  4. Adjust Transform Properties
  5. Animate by click on stopwatch to add a keyframe
  6. Move CTT (play-head) forward in time and make an adjustment to property
  7. 2nd keyframe added automatically
  8. Drag CTI to beginning of timeline and tap Spacebar to play

Double Click on any property to open in Layers Panel

Text & Shape Layers:

  1. Select a Shape or Text Layer
  2. Go to Properties Panel
  3. Use top Layer Controls to change Layer Transforms
  4. Use Shape & Text Controls to change fills, strokes, fonts, and more
  5. Animate any property in the Properties Panel
  6. For Text, add Text Animators at the bottom of the Properties Pane

Auto-Open & Toggle On/Off Properties Panel (Shape, Pen, Text Tools)

  1. Go to the top Toolbar
  2. Select Shape Tool
  3. Click icon to Toggle On/Off Properties Panel
  4. Uncheck to stop Properties Panel from Auto-opening
  5. Repeat to Pen Tool & Text Tool
  6. To open Properties Panel again, go to Window…Properties