What: Podfest Tampa 2016
When: February 25, 26, 27th
Website: www.podfest.us

For the 2nd year in a row, Podfest is the gathering place for long time podcasters, new podcasters and those who are thinking about starting podcasts. It’s a special forum that brings you actionable and strategic education, unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with your fellow podcasters and speakers and access to the best podcasting resources out there!

PodFest Tampa

Podfest Tampa 2016!

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Podcasting

Podfest Tampa


Let’s Connect!
If you are planning on attending Podfest Tampa in February, let me know and I would love to meet up.

Why Am I Going?:

Let me start by saying that networking and being social are not strengths of mine. My favorite part of conferences and tradeshows are usually the vendor tables showing off the latest and greatest tools. This conference will have a different focus for me.

I have decided to go to Podcast Tampa because I want to learn from people like Dave Jackson and many others who have more experience and knowledge in the industry. I want to be great at podcasting and learning from the best is one way to get there. Podfest Tampa is smaller than Podcast Movement in Chicago (the big dog of podcasting) and that is a good thing for me as I think it is going to be more low-key and more educational, which is why I am going. I’m particularly excited for the Podcast Repair Shop where Glenn the Geek and others critique podcasts and offer help. This will be a little daunting for me, but invaluable.

I look forward to seeing you at Podfest Tampa!


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