Adobe Audition CC 2023: Playback Speed Keyboard Shortcuts (JKL)

This tutorial will show you how to use and customize the JKL Shuttle Speed Keyboard Shortcuts in the Waveform & Multitrack of Adobe Audition CC 2023.

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Keyboard Shortcuts:
J: Play in Reverse (tap repeatedly to speed up)
K: Pause/Stop
L: Play Forward (tap repeatedly to speed up)

Playback Speed Indicator:
Look next to Stop button in the Transport Controls
If the Playback speed is negative (ex. -1x) then Playback is in reverse
If the Playback speed is positive (ex. 1x) then Playback is in forward direction
Tap J or L to toggle speed and direction
Tap K to stop/pause and reset the starting speed

Adobe Support Article:

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:09 What is Variable Playback Speed?
00:21 Version Required (23.3 or later)
00:38 Keyboard Shortcuts (J,K,L)
01:03  Audition Preferences: Customize JKL Controls
01:53  Demo: Half-Speed (0.5x)
02:30  Demo (J): In Reverse
02:58  Toggle Between J & L Keys (Direction + Speed)
03:29  Multitrack: JKL Works

Software Used:
Adobe Audition CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use JKL Keys to control Playback Speed in Adobe Audition:

  1. Open audio Adobe Audition in Waveform or Multitrack
  2. Tap L to Playback CTI in forward direction
  3. Tap K to Pause/Stop
  4. Tap J to Playback in Reverse
  5. Tap K to Pause/Stop
  6. Tap L repeatedly to increase speed in forward direction
  7. Tap J repeatedly to increase speed in reverse direction
  8. Tap K to Pause/Stop

How To Customize JKL Shuttle Speed:

  1. Open Audition Preferences (Cmd + Comma)
  2. Go to JKL Shuttle Speed
  3. Select 1 of 4 Options (ex. Slower Speed 0.5x)
  4. Click OK
  5. Tap L to Playback and the starting speed will be 0.5 x
  6. Tap L again and the speed will increase by 0.5x each time L is pressed
  7. Tap J to slow down speed in reverse direction
  8. If Playback speed is in the negative, then playback is in reverse

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