Mike Murphy Unplugged is now live on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher & TuneIn. Soundcloud is the only platform where I have to upload each episode individually as it is not pulling from the rss feed. I originally wanted to host my podcast on Soundcloud mostly because I like the platform and the design of the player (below). Whenever I go to a site with Soundcloud files embedded, I am visually attracted to it and the players work well. I was dissuaded from hosting on Soundcloud mostly because of having control of the RSS feed which is a big deal. If Soundcloud goes under as a company (which rumor mills say they are in trouble), then my feed goes with them and then I am faced with the hassle of redirecting my feed to another service. My solution was to create the feed using Powerpress/Blubrry plugin right here on my website and host the file only on Libsyn.com. Now I have full flexibility and control and I still get to use Soundcloud, I just have to manually upload, which is no big deal.

Another day, another directory where the podcast can be discovered. Cool.