After Effects CC 2022: New Project Templates

This tutorial will show you how to set up and use New Project Templates in Adobe After Effects CC 2022 that automatically load folders and assets in the Project Panel when launching a new After Effects Project. The first step is to set up a folder structure in the Project Panel and the next step is to Save As a Template that is loaded automatically whenever a new project is created.

Keyboard Shortcut:
Project Panel: Cmd/Ctrl + Zero

New Project Panel Template Example:

  • Assets (Graphics, Images, Icons, Logos, Videos)
  • Audio
  • Comps
  • Pre-Comps

New Project Template File Extension:

00:04 Intro: What is a New Project Template?
00:25 How To Re-Open Project Panel
00:35 How To Create New Folders
00;52 Power Tip: Create folders from files
01:05 Set up a new project template
01:26 How to rename folders
02:00 Save As New Project Template
02:21 Preferences: New Project
02:40 Repeat for Stroke #2 & #3

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Set Up New Project Templates in Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  1. Open a new or existing After Effects Project
  2. Go to Project Panel (Cmd/Ctrl + 0)
  3. Create New Folders in Project Panel (right-click and select New Folder)
  4. Nest folders inside folders if you want 
  5. Add files to any folder (logos, music, brand elements…)
  6. When done setting up folders, go to the top Menu
  7. Click on File…Save As…Save As
  8. Select destination to Save Template File (choose a location where it will not be moved or deleted)
  9. Enter File Name (ex. Mike’s New Project Template)
  10. In the bottom drop-down menu, select ‘Adobe After Effects Template Project’
  11. Click on ‘Save’
  12. Go to the top Menu and click on After Effects
  13. Click on ‘New Project’
  14. Tick the box ‘New Project loads template’ 
  15. Click on the button ‘Choose Project Template’
  16. Select the.AET File saved
  17. Click on ‘Open’
  18. Click ‘OK’
  19. Go to File….New Project
  20. New project template with folders + assets will load in the Project Pane

How To Rename Folders:

  1. Select Folder and tap Enter and then type a new folder name

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