Screenflow 10: How To Nest Clips

This tutorial will show you how to nest (or group) a set of clips in Screenflow 10 to combine multiple clips in one clip on the Timeline that can be edited or unnested.

Keyboard Shortcut:
Nest Clips: 
Option + Cmd + N 

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Nest Clips in Screenflow 10:

  1. Select multiple clips that you want to nest (group) together
  2. Right-click and select ‘Nest’ or go to the ‘Clip’ menu and select ’Nest’ (keyboard shortcut Opt + Cmd + N)
  3. All selected clips will be placed inside of a ‘nested’ clip on the Timeline

How To UnNest Clips in Screenflow 10:

  1. Select a nested clip and right-click and select ‘Unnest’ or go to the ‘Clip’ menu and select Unnest

How To Edit Nested Clips:

  1. Double-Click on any nested clip and it will open a new Timeline (in a new tab)
  2. Edit the Timeline as necessary
  3. Click on the ‘X’ next to the title in the Tab to close and return to the main Timeline

How To Rename Nested Clips:

  1. Double-click on the title and type in the new clip title

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