Screenflow 10: How To View Metadata (Clip Information)

This tutorial will show you how to view Metadata information for selected clips in the Media Bin to see information such as clip title, duration, type, frames per second (fps), and resolution. The Metadata information is limited but can come in useful when selecting clips for a project or if you want to see the clip name or other information, but it is too small in the Media Bin.

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To View Metadata in  Screenflow 10 (Clip Information):

  1. Open Media Bin (last icon in the Inspector Panel
  2. Select a clip in the Media Bin
  3. Click on the left-facing arrow (<) at the very bottom of the Media Bin
  4. Select ‘Metadata’ in the panel that slides open
  5. View information such as Name, Duration, Type, Size, Frame Rate, Resolution

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