Adobe After Effects CC 2024: How to Use LoopOut Offset Expression

This tutorial will show you how to use the LoopOut Offset Expression in Adobe After Effects CC 2024 to continue the animation after the last keyframe and it is useful as you can control the speed with the 2 original keyframes.

To Add Expressions:
Hold the Option/Alt Key and click on a layer stopwatch and then type the Expression in the Timeline Panel

Adobe description of loopOut(“offset”) :
Repeats the specified segment, but offsets each cycle by the difference in the value of the property at the start and end of the segment, multiplied by the number of times the segment has looped.

More on Expressions:
Adobe Help Article

Expressions Used:

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Position Property: P
Rotation Property: R (Shift + R) to show next to Position Property


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00:00  Intro: About The Tutorial
00:32  Example 1: Bouncing Ball
01:10  How To Adjust Speed
01:26  How To Add LoopOut Offset Express
01:38  Reveal Position & Rotation Properties
02:00  Add Keyframes (click stopwatches)
02:48  Add Expression to Position (Option/Alt)
03:28  Add Expression to Rotation (Option/Alt)

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Add LoopOut Offset Expression to Position & Rotation Properties:

  1. Select Layer to Animate
  2. Tap P to Reveal Position Property
  3. Tap Shift + R to also show Rotation Property
  4. Drag CTI to the beginning of the timeline
  5. Click the Stopwatch next to Position & Rotation Properties to add keyframes
  6. Move forward in time (2 secs in tutorial)
  7. Click and drag layer to new position to add 2nd keyframe
  8. Enter rotation value (1 in tutorial) to add 2nd keyframe
  9. Press Option or Alt and click on stopwatch next to Position Property
  10. Enter the expression loopOut(“offset);
  11. Copy Expression (Cmd/Ctrl + C)
  12. Press Option or Alt and click on stopwatch next to Rotation Property
  13. Paste the expression loopOut(“offset); (Cmd/Ctrl + V)
  14. Tap Spacebar to Preview

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