Adobe Audition CC 2023: How To Compute Lip Sync From Pre-Recorded Audio

​This tutorial will show you how to compute lip sync for characters using pre-recorded dialogue/voiceover audio files Adobe Character Animator CC 2023

I used Adobe Audition to record character audio file, but any DAW or audio recording tool will work.

Term used in animation to describe the mouth shapes when character make sounds (consonants, vowels, etc). Visemes are automatically created after Lip Sync is computed and is what makes the Lip Sync look realistic and in sync with the audio/dialogue track.

00:00  Intro: About The Tutorial
00:15  Pre-Record Audio (Audition or Similar)
00:24  Audio File Formats (.wav or .mp3)
00:47  Open Character Animator & Import Audio
01:05  Drag Audio File on Timeline
01:15  Tap Spacebar To Preview
01:26  Fix: Arm Character For Record
01:38  Select Audio Track
01:50  Timeline Menu (Compute Lip Sync)
02:12  Repeat for Character #2
02:30  Arm Character #2 for Record
02:42  TImeline Menu (Compute Lip Sync)
02:59  Lip Sync Track + Visemes
03:22  Properties Panel

Software Used:
Adobe Character Animator CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Pre-Record Audio for Lip Syncing (Adobe Audition or similar)

  1. Open Adobe Audition or other DAW or Recording Tool
  2. Record audio for each character
  3. Export audio files for each character as .WAV (uncompressed) or .MP3 (compressed) audio file

How To Compute Lip Syncing in Adobe Character Animator CC 2023:

  1. Open Adobe Character Animator
  2. Go to ‘Record’ Tab
  3. Open ‘Scene’ with characters
  4. Go to ‘Project Panel’
  5. Double-click to open Finder/Explorer
  6. Navigate to pre-recorded audio files for each character
  7. Select audio files and click on ‘Import’
  8. Select audio file for Character #1 and drag it below in the Timeline
  9. Arm the character for Recording by clicking on the character (look for red circle)
  10. Select Audio Track
  11. Go to the top menu and click on ’Timeline’
  12. Select ‘Compute Lip Sync Take from Scene Audio’
  13. Click to analyze
  14. Press Spacebar to preview the Lip Sync
  15. Twirl open character to customize or modify Lip Sync Track or Visemes in the Property Panel

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