Adobe After Effects CC 2024: How To Add Layer Styles To Track Mattes

This tutorial will show you how to add Layer Styles + Effects on Track Mattes in Adobe After Effects CC 2024.

Precomposing, nesting, and pre-rendering (Adobe):

How To Use Track Mattes:

PreCompose 101:

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00:00 Intro: About The Tutorial
00:15 Project Example Overview
00:33 Layer Styles
00:49 Missing Track Matte Column?
01:10 How To Set Track Mattes
01:26 Drop-Down + PickWhip
01:47 Layer Visibility + Matte Types
02:12 What are Alpha Track Mattes?
02:40 The Problem: Layer Styles + Effects
03:03 The Fix: Nest Track Matte Comp
03:29 Nest Comp Into Another Comp
03:47 Add Layer Styles (Stroke + Drop Shadow)
04:17 Customize Layer Styles

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Set Track Mattes:
1. Create a New Composition called ‘Track Matte’
2. Add Text or Shape Layer (Track Matte Layer)
3. Add Fill Layer (Texture, Animated Overlay, etc)
4. Toggle on Modes (F4)
5. Select Fill Layer Layer
6. Click Track Matte drop-down menu and select ‘Track Matte’ Layer
7. Set Track Matte to Alpho Matte (default)
8. Fill Layer should be ‘inside’ Track Matte

How To Add Layer Styles To Track Mattes:
1. Create a New Composition or Open Existing Comp
2. Drag Track Matte Comp into any other Composition
3. Select Track Matte Comp in Layers Panel
4. Go to ‘Layer’ menu and select Layer Styles
5. Add Layer Style to Track Matte Comp
6. Layer Style should show up on the Track Matte

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