After Effects CC 2022: How To Create Shapes From Text

This tutorial will show you how to Preview Footage and set In & Out Points in the Comp Window in order to add smaller clips of a longer video to the Composition in Adobe After Effects CC 2022. 

In your Project Bin, you have a 4 minute video clip, but you only want to add a 20-second segment of the clip. You can set In & Out points to select the part of the video you want and add directly to the Composition.

Terms To Learn:
Overlay Edit: Insert In & Out Points over existing clips on the Composition.
Ripple Edit: Splits all clips below the Playhead and inserts selected clip between the split clips.

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Preview Footage:

  1. Open After Effects and Import Some Files to Project Bin
  2. In the Project Bin, Double-click on any Footage to open in the Comp Window

How To Add In & Out Points:

  1. Look below the Comp Window for Time Marker and drag to Starting Point
  2. Click the Left Bracket icon { below the Comp Window to set the In Point to Current Time
  3. Go back and click on the Time Marker and drag it to where you want the clip to end
  4. Click the Right Bracket icon } below the Comp Window to set the Out Point to Current Time

How To Add Selected Clip To the Composition:

  1. Set the In & Out Points
  2. Click on either Overlay Edit (inserts over) or Ripple Edit (splits all existing clips and inserts between)
  3. Selected clip should be in the Layers Panel added to the Composition