Instagram Stories: How To Use Type Mode

Type mode was released in Version 30.0 of Instagram. If you don not have it, be sure you have updated your phone and apps. You can also try force quitting the app and logging out and back in. Instagram does not roll out new features all at once, so you may just have to be patient and wait (I know, that is no fun).

Also Note: There are two options for using new Type Mode
1. You can start in Type Mode (tap Type in bottom left)…This method is more for designing with type

2. To add type and use the new styles, take a photo or video in any mode (normal, boomerang, rewind…) and tap in center and start typing. Look for styles in top center (Classic, Modern, Strong, Neon, Typewriter)


Method 1: Using New Type Mode Screen

Open Instagram Stories

When to use Method 1:
Use this to design with type, send a cool typographic message to your Stories…

  • Type Mode located under Shutter Button along with all of the other modes (Live, Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, Hands Free, Stop Motion…)
  • Type is located on far left next to Live
  • Tap Type
  • 4 Different Styles (Modern, Neon, Strong & Typewriter)
  • Tap button in Top Center to cycle through styles
  • Tap circle button in bottom left to change background color
    Tap in center of screen to start typing
  • Tap inside type and select to change type colors
  • Look in Upper left corner for A with stars to add a background in Strong & Typewriter Modes.
    Tap justification lines for left, center, right align in some modes
  • Tap camera in bottom right to take photo or video behind text
    Use shutter button in bottom center to take photo or record video
  • When done with type click click on the shutter button that turns to Arrow and that will bring you to main screen of Instagram Stories and you can add any effects, stickers, GIFS, geotags, text, brushes, colors….

Method 2: Use New Styles of Type in Other Shooting Modes

When to use Method 2:
When you want to spruce up your Stories with fancier type

Start in:
Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, Superzoom, Hands-free..

  • Take photo, video, boomerang…
  • Tap in center of screen anywhere (do not have to tap [Aa] type icon]
  • Start typing…
  • With text selected (cursor) look to top center and change from:
  • Classic, Modern, Neon, Strong and Typewriter.
  • Everything else will perform just like stories
  • Add stickers, brushes, text, gifs, geo-tags, etc.
  • Save, Add To Story, Share or Tap X in upper left to start over…
  • Learn, Create, Move Forward.

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