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“Good writing can be defined as having something to say and saying it well.
When one has nothing to say, one should remain silent.
Silence is always beautiful at such times.”

― Edward Abbey

This blog post is a note to self. A reminder that writer’s write. I am a writer who has remained silent for too long. I have long dreamed of writing daily blog posts and making my living as a writer, but it is a practice I avoid for reasons I do not understand (or at least acknowledge out loud). Writing is both agonizing to me (it’s mentally draining) and the most rewarding creative process I do. The reality is that writing is hard work that requires time and it is much easier to push it aside and make excuses. You can run, but you cannot hide!
I do believe that silence is golden, but my head is exploding with ideas, stories, and thoughts, and I want to put them down in words and document this path I am on in life as a creator and curious wanderer.
This was just a reminder (and motivator) to myself to do more of what you know you were called to do from the start.
Mike, writer

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