Adobe After Effects CC 2023: Fix: Hand-Drawn Effect Stopping At 22 Seconds

This tutorial will show you how to fix the issue of the animation stopping after a certain amount of time when using using the Time Expression + Turbulent Displace in Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

This fix will work for the Hand-Drawn Effect or anytime you are using the Time Expression on the Evolution Property of Turbulent Express (such as Line Boil Effect) and the animation stops before the end of the Timeline

The Issue:
The Evolution Options has a limit of 91 Evolutions and when that number is reached by the Time Expression, the animation stops. The higher the number of time*expression, the faster the number of Evolutions will reach 91 and stop the animation.

The Fix (Snippet):

Add the snippet at the end of the Time Expression…time*1500%32768

Resources Mentioned in Tutorial:

Hand-Drawn Effect Tutorial:

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:11  Why Make This Tutorial?
00:25  The Fix (TLDR Version)
00:37  Sources For The Fix
00:50  Demo: Hand-Drawn Effect
01:20  The Culprit: Turbulent Displace + Time Expression
01:38  Evolution Options Limit (Magic Number 91)
01:51  Reveal All Expressions (EE)
02:29  Evolutions Explained (1 = 360)
02:45  Calculator Math Explanation
03:15  Fix #1 (Decrease Wiggle Value Amount)
03:38  Fix #2: Cut & Paste from Evolution to Random Seed
04:03  Fix 3 (Easiest): Add Snippet
04:22  What does the snippet do?

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Fix The Hand-Drawn Effect From Stopping in Adobe After Effects CC 2023:

  1. Open or create new Composition
  2. Add Layers such as Text or Graphics
  3. Add the Hand-Drawn Effect via the Effects & Presets Panel
  4. Locate the 2 Turbulent Displace Effects in ‘Effect Controls’
  5. Tap EE to Reveal All Expressions
  6. Add %32768  at the end of the Time* Expression

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