After Effects CC 2023: Hand-Drawn Effect

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This tutorial will show you the fast and easy way to create a ‘Hand-Drawn Effect’ in Adobe After Effects CC 2023 that works on text layers, graphics, shapes, and more and also has automatic animation built-in.

Hand-Drawn Effect:

  • Effects & Presets Panel
  • Animation Presets
  • Presets
  • Image – Creative
  • Hand-Drawn Effect

00:00  Intro: About the Tutorial
00:17  Composition Layers & Assets
00:37  Effects & Presets Panel
00:54  Animation Presets: Hand-Drawn Effect
01:11  Apply Hand-Drawn Effect To All Layers
01:24  Effect Controls: Customize Effect
01:50  Outro: Get Creative & Have Fun!

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create A ‘Hand-Drawn Effect’

  1. Add Text, Shapes, Textures, Graphics to Composition
  2. Select Layer
  3. Go to ‘Effects & Presets’ panel (Window…Effects & Presets)
  4. Search for ‘Hand’
  5. Select ‘Hand-Drawn Effect’ under ‘Image –Creative’ category
  6. Drag onto layer or double-click (layer must be selected)
  7. Customize effect and animation in ‘Effect Controls’

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