After Effects CC 2023: How To Use The Grid Effect

Solids Folder Basics

This tutorial will show you how to use the Grid in Adobe After Effects CC 2023 to make a background for animations such as cut-out or stop-motion styles. You will learn how to change the background color, grid lines, add animation and texture.

Paper Texture Source;
Envato Elements (Sign up using my affiliate link):

Paper Texture Link:
Crumpled gray grid paper textured background

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Cmd/Ctrl + N: Create A New Composition
Cmd/Ctrl + Y:  Create A New Solid Layer
Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + Y:  Solid Settings

Colors Used (Hex Codes):
Light Grey: E6E6E6
Darker Grey: B9B9B9
Pale Yellow: EEE1B9

00:00 Intro: About the Tutorial
00:17  Inspiration for Grid Background (Envato Elements)
00:25  Create A New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
00:38  Create A New Solid Layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)
01:06  Add Grid Effect (Effects & Presets)
01:28  Note: Transparent Background After Adding Grid
01:51  Effect Controls: Customize Grid
02:13  Grid Line Color Change
02:27  How To Add Solid Color Background
02:59  Add Texture To Background
03:23  Change Background Solid Color
03:34  How To Animate Grid
04:06  Minimalist Tip: Solid Composite Effect

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use The Grid Effect:

  1. Create New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  2. Add A New Solid Layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)
  3. Give Solid A Name
  4. Click ‘Make Comp Size’
  5. Click Color Swatch (I used a light grey E6E6E6)
  6. Click ‘OK’ to add Solid Layer
  7. Go to Effects & Presets Panel (Window…Effects & Presets)
  8. Search for ‘Grid’
  9. Click & Drag Grid on Solid Layer
  10. Select Solid Layer
  11. Go to ‘Effect Controls’
  12. Change ’Size From’ to ‘Width & Height Sliders’
  13. Change Width to ’42’
  14. Change Height to ’38’
  15. Change Border to ‘3’
  16. Click Color Swatch and change to darker grey (B9B9B9) to change grid lines color

How To Create A Solid Background Color (Option 1)

  1. Add A New Solid Layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)
  2. Select Color
  3. Drag below the Solid with the Grid Effect

How To Create A Solid Background Color (Option 2…Minimalist Approach)

  1. Select the original Solid Layer with the Grid Effect
  2. Go to ‘Effects & Presets’ Panel
  3. Search for ‘Solid Composite’
  4. Drag onto Solid Layer
  5. Change the Color Property for the ‘Solid Composite’ effect

How To Create Add Texture:

  1. Drag a Paper Texture File on top or in-between Solid Layers or Background Solid

How To Animate The Grid Effect:

  1. Drag Playhead to the beginning of the Timeline
  2. Select the Solid Layer
  3. Click the Stopwatch next to ‘Anchor’ in the Effect Controls
  4. Click on the Anchor Center Reference Point
  5. Click on the Center or anywhere on the Grid (in Comp Window)
  6. Drag the Playhead forward in time
  7. Move to a new position in the direction you want the animation

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