Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Use Gradient Ramp

This tutorial will show you how to use the Gradient Ramp Effect in Adobe After Effects to add some design ‘interest’ to solid backgrounds and text.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
New Composition: Cmd/Ctrl + N
New Solid Layer: Cmd/Ctrl + L
Scale Property: S

00:00  Intro: About The Tutorial
00:11  Why Use Gradient Ramp?
00:22  Create A New Composition
00:30  Background Color (Comp Settings)
00:46  Add A New Solid
01:11  Add Gradient Ramp Effect
01:25  Change Direction of Gradient
01:53  Reset Gradient
02:01  Change Colors
02:44  Change Ramp Shape (Linear or Radial)
03:04  Move Radial Gradient To Center
03:19  Adding Logos & Text
03:25  Increase Scale of Solid Layer
03:36  Ramp Scatter (Gradient Banding)
03:59  Blend With Original

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use Gradient Ramp in Adobe After Effects:

  1. Open After Effects
  2. Create a New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  3. Add A New Solid Layer (Cmd/Ctrl + L)
  4. Make the Solid Comp Size & Pick A Color
  5. Go to the Effects & Presets Panel (Windows…Effects & Presets)
  6. Search for ‘Gradient’
  7. Drag Effect onto Solid Layer
  8. Go to ‘Effect Controls’ to customize
  9. Use Start of Ramp & End of Ramp Point Controls to change direction of gradient
  10. Use Start & End Color to change color (try making both colors the same, then lighten the start color)
  11. Change Ramp Shape to Linear or Radial for different looks
  12. Add Radial Ramp Shape
  13. Drag Start Ramp Point Control to center
  14. Add Text or Logo and radial gradient will draw viewer’s eyes to center
  15. Increase Scale of Solid Layer to increase radius and create vignette effect
  16. Increase Ramp Scatter to soften or minimize gradient banding
  17. Increase Blend With Original to reduce opacity and show layers below
  18. Click ’Swap Color’ button to reverse the start/end colors

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