Google Takeout: How To Backup A YouTube Channel

This tutorial will show you how to Backup & Export an entire YouTube Channel and all Google Account Data using the free Google Takeout Export Tool.

Visit Google Takeout:

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:26  Open Chrome & Visit Google Takeout URL
00:38  Sign In Using Google Account
00:54  What is Google Takeout?
01:10  How To Back Up YouTube Channel?
01:30  Select ‘YouTube & YouTube Music’
01:51  Select YouTube Data To Export
02:13  Select Destination To Export
02:53  Select Destination, Frequency, File Type & Size
03:17  Export Progress
03:36  Email & Download Files


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Software Used:
Ecamm Live (to schedule and Livestream)

How To Backup YouTube Channel:

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Sign In Using Google Account associated with YouTube Channel
  4. Be sure to select Brand Account if applicable
  5. Click ‘Deselect All’
  6. Scroll to ‘YouTube & YouTue Music’
  7. Tick the box for ‘YouTube & YouTue Music’
  8. Click ‘All YouTube data included’
  9. Select which YouTube data you want to export or backup
  10. Click ‘Next Step’
  11. Choose ‘Destination’ (Send download link via email’
  12. Choose ‘Frequency’ (Export once)
  13. Choose File Type (.zip)
  14. Choose File Size (2 GB)
  15. Click ‘Create Export’
  16. Open Email from Google Takeout when down
  17. Click on ‘Download Your Files’ within 7 days
  18. Repeat to Export additional Google Data.

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