Adobe Photoshop Beta: How To Use Ai Generative Fill

This tutorial will show you how to use the magical Ai feature called Generative Fill currently only available in Adobe Photoshop Beta which can be used to Add Objects using Text Based Prompts, Extend Images, Remove Objects and generate backgrounds, artwork, and so much more.

An internet connection is required to use Generative Fill due to cloud processing.
A selection must be made using any Photoshop Selection Tool in order to use Generative Fill

To access Contextual Task Bar (if missing):
Go to Window Menu and check ‘Contextual Task Bar’ at the bottom of the Menu.

Learn More About Generative Fill:

How To Download Adobe Photoshop Beta (use the Creative Cloud App)

Detailed Instructions:

To Generate & Manage Text Prompts:
Use the Contextual Task Bar or,
Properties Panel

The Generative Fill Tool generates 3 versions of every instance

Ratings To Help Train Ai’s and get better results.
👍Thumbs Up
👎Thumbs Down
🚩Report an Issue

00:00 Intro: About The Tutorial
00:11  What is Generative Fill?
00:28  Download Photoshop Beta
00:39  How To Use Generative Fill
00:48  Make A Selection (Select All)
01:05  How To Locate Contextual Task Bar
01:28  Generative Fill (Empty Layer)
02:12  Rating System
02:24  Rating System
03:05  Add Object To Selection
03:29  Selfie Example (Add Background Behind Subject)
03:41  Example: Camino Photo (Add Objects)
03:52 How To Remove Unwanted Objects
04:11  How To Extend An Image

Software Used:
Adobe Creative Cloud 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta to Add Objects

  1. Open a new Document in Photoshop Beta
  2. Make a selection (cmd/ctrl + A) or use Marquis, Lasso, Selection Tools, etc
  3. Select All to generate a background, artwork or texture
  4. Select a smaller selection in the place where you want to add the object
  5. Look for the Contextual Task Bar Below the Canvas
  6. Click on ‘Generative File’
  7. To add an object, type in a Text Prompt describing the object you want
  8. Click Enter/Return or Click ‘Generate’
  9. Look at the Status Bar in the top left to see how much time is left to Generate
  10. Tap the Arrow in the Task Bar to preview the 3 Results Generated
  11. Tap the ratings for Thumbs Up, Down or Report an Issue to help train the Ai’s for better results
  12. Select the Generative Fill Layer and view the Properties Panel that works similar to Task Bar

How To Remove Objects Using Generative Fill:

  1. Open an Image
  2. Make a loose selection of the object(s) to be removed
  3. Click ‘Generative Fill’
  4. Leave the Text Prompt empty
  5. Click on ‘Generative Fill’
  6. Click ‘Generate’

How To Extend An Image:

  1. Open and image in Photoshop Bets
  2. Select Crop Tool (C)
  3. Click on side of Canvas to extend
  4. Click and drag to extend space
  5. Select Marquis or other selection tool
  6. Drag out a selection
  7. Click ‘Generative Fill’
  8. Click Enter/Return or Click ‘Generate’
  9. Look at the Status Bar
  10. Review the 3 Variations