Adobe After Effects CC 2023: Fix: Hand-Drawn Effect Stopping At 22 Seconds

This tutorial will show you how to fix the issue of a Line Boil animation using Turbulent Displace Effect stopping after a certain amount of time when using using the Time Expression on the Evolutions Property Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

The Issue:
The Evolution Options has a limit of 91 Evolutions and when that number is reached by the Time Expression, the animation stops. The higher the number of time*expression, the faster the number of Evolutions will reach 91 and stop the animation.

The Fix (Add Snippet to the end of the Time Expression):


Resources Mentioned in Tutorial:

  • (YouTube Channel)
  • (Creative Cow Forum)
  • (Dan Ebberts, AE Expression guru)

Hand-Drawn Effect Tutorial:

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:19  SideNote: This Video Is Similar To Previous Tutorial
00:40  Comp Overview + Line Boil Effect
01:06  Problem: Animation Stops At 16 Seconds
01:18  Cause of Problem: Evolution Property Limit (91)
01:48  Time Expression + Evolution Limit
02:17  The Fix: Adding Snippet of Code (%32768)

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Fix Line Boil Turbulent Displace Stopping in Adobe After Effects CC 2023:

  1. Open or create new Composition (30 seconds or longer)
  2. Add Text Layer
  3. Add the Turbulent Displace Effect
  4. Option + Click on the Stopwatch next to Evolution
  5. Enter Expression time*1500 (or any higher number)
  6. Tap the Spacebar to preview and notice that it stops after about 15-20 seconds
  7. Tap EE to Reveal All Expressions
  8. Add %32768  at the end of the Time* Expression and that will fix the issue
  9. The expression should now look like this time*1500%32768
  10. The animation will run as long as you need it after adding the snippet %32768