Adobe Audition CC 2023: Extract Mono Files From Stereo

This tutorial will show you how to Extract Mono Files from a Stereo File in the Waveform Editor of Adobe Audition CC 2023.

Use Case:

You are a podcaster and just recorded an interview with a guest and the audio file received was stereo, but you want to extract the clip into 2 mono files to edit the host and guest separately.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Split Audio Files: Cmd/Ctrl + K


00:00 Intro: About This Tutorial
00:23 New! Domestika Course on Audition
00:58 Waveform Editor Only!
01:13 Stereo Files in Waveform
01:39 How To Extract Mono Files
02:26 Go To Multitrack (0)
02:49 Split Tracks (Cmd/Ctrl + K)
03:37 Non-Destructive Editing

Software Used:
Adobe Audition CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Extract Mono Files From Stereo in Adobe Audition CC 2023:

  1. Open a Stereo File in the Waveform Editor
  2. Right-click anywhere in the Waveform
  3. Select ‘Extract Channels to Mono Files’ or,
  4. Go to the Edit Menu and select ‘Extract Channels to Mono Files’

How To Edit Mono Files in the Multitrack:

  1. Open Multitrack Session (0)
  2. Drag Mono L to Track 1
  3. Rename Track to ‘Host’
  4. Drag Mono R to Track 2
  5. Rename Track 2 to ‘Guest’
  6. Drag CTI to space in audio clip to cut
  7. Press Cmd/Ctrl + K to Split Clip
  8. Leave all Host clips on Track 1. Delete Guest Clips
  9. Leave all Guest clips on Track 2. Delete Host Clips

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