Adobe Photoshop CC 2024: How To Export Transparent Videos

This tutorial will show you how to Export or Render Videos in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024 with transparency or an alpha channel (no background) that can then be used in a video editor of choice (Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut…)

Adobe Help Article:
Straight vs Premultiplied Explained


00:00  Intro: About The Tutorial
00:16  Go To File Menu…Export…Render Video
00:27  Render Video Dialogue Box
00:38  Select ‘QuickTime’ + ‘High Quality’
01:01  Render Options: ‘Straight-Unmatted’
01:13  Alpha Channel 101
01:41  What if Alpha Channel is Greyed Out?
02:03  Render Options Types (Link in Description)
02:16  Click ‘Render’  + Progress Dialogue Box
02:26  QuickTime .mov Quirks
02:40  Open in Video Editors (ScreenFlow + Premiere Pro)

Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Export Transparent Videos in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024:

  1. Open Photoshop with a Video Timeline (vs. a frame animation)
  2. Go to ‘File Menu’
  3. Select ‘Export’
  4. Select ‘Render Video’
  5. Enter File Name
  6. Select Folder (Destination on hard drive to save video)
  7. Select ‘Adobe Media Encoder’
  8. Change Format to ‘QuickTime’
  9. Change Preset to ‘Animation High Quality’
  10. Select Document Size or change as needed
  11. Select Preferred Frame Rate
  12. Field Rate: ‘Preset (Progressive)’
  13. Aspect: ‘Document (1.0)’
  14. Range: ‘All Frames’
  15. Render Options: ‘Straight-Unmatted’
  16. Click ‘Render’ to export .mov Video
  17. Open in Video Editor of choice (Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, ScreenFlow, etc)

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