Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023: How To Export Animated GIFs

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This tutorial will show you how to export Animated GIFs with Transparency from Adobe After Effects CC 2023 using Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023. This tutorial will also include how to create custom encoding presets in AME to make it easy to apply the proper settings when exporting animated GIFS in future projects.

Adobe Media Encoder (AME) Getting Started:

Animated GIF Encoding Preset:

  • Format: Animated GIF
  • Preset: Animated GIF with Transparency (Match Source)

00:00 Intro: About this tutorial
00:23 After Effects CC 2023: Animated GIF Overview
01:02 How To Export Comp from AE to AME
01:22 AME Queue
01:58 AME Preset Browser
02:18 How To Create Custom Encoding Preset
03:01 Apply Custom Encoding Preset
03:18 Output File (Where to Save)


Software Used:
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Export Comps from After Effects to AME CC 2023:

  1. In After Effects, go to File Menu (up top)
  2. Click on ‘Export’
  3. Select ‘Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue’
  4. AME will open automatically

How To Manually Change Encoding Preset in the AME Queue:

  1. Click the drop-down menu and change Format to ‘Animated GIF’
  2. Click the drop-down in the Preset column and select ‘Animated GIF with Transparency (Match Source)’

How To Apply Encoding Preset using the Preset Browser:

  1. Go to Preset Browser panel in AME
  2. Use the search bar and enter ‘GIF’
  3. Click on the preset in ’System Presets’ and drag on the output row in the Queue panel

How To Create An Encoding Preset in AME:

  1. Go to Preset Browser
  2. Search for ‘GIF’
  3. Look for ‘Animated GIF with Transparency (Match Source)’
  4. Right-click and select ‘Create Encoding Preset’
  5. Enter custom preset Name
  6. Format: Animated GIF
  7. Based on: Animated GIF with Transparency (Match Source)
  8. Enter Comments/Notes
  9. Modify preset if necessary
  10. Click ‘OK’ to save custom preset to ‘User Presets & Groups’
  11. Click and drag to apply preset

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