EP99: The Podcast Accounting Show

Behind the scenes of the Mike Murphy Unplugged Finacials How much it cost to start this podcast? How much it cost to maintain this podcast week after week?


I buy the best quality that I can afford. I do not look for the most expensive things I can afford, I try to buy things that are simple, have good reputation and just work. I do not like a lot of bells and whistles on gear or gadgets, I want the basics but I want them to be good and just work.

Mike’s Podcast Setup (Studio) Shure SM7b…$349 Cloudlifter CL1-A Gain Booster…$150 Rode PSA–1 Boom Arm…$99 Allen & Heath Zed 10 Mixer…$249 Canare 5’ XLR Cables…$20 Sony MDR–7506 Headphones…$75

Total: $942

Software & Web Tools

Scrivener (writing scripts)…$50 ID3 Tag Editor…$15 Total: $65

Recurring Fees (Monthly):

Adobe Creative Cloud…$50/month Libsyn Podcast Hosting…$15/month Spreaker Podcast Directory…$5/month Bluehost Web Hosting…$13/month

Totals: $83/month

Mobile Kit

Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Mic…$60 Shure SM58 Microphone ($0…statute of limitations :D) Apple USB3/Lightning Kit…$39 Zoom H6 Recorder…$400

Mobile Kit Total…$500 (does not include cost of iPad Pro or iPhone)

Beginner Kit (Studio)

Audio Technica ATR2100…$69 Rode PSA–1 Boom Arm…$99 On-Stage MY–420 Shockmount.…$29 Shure Wind Foam…$5 Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface (2nd Gen)…$150 Canare 5’ XLR Cables…$20 Sony MDR–7506 Headphones…$75 Apple USB3/Lightning Kit…$39 (For iOS Recording…Optional)

Beginner Podcast Kit Total:$486


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