EP97: The One Man Band Show

Today I take you behind the scenes of making the One Man Band: Create the Life You Want video.

Welcome to Episode 97:

Video: One Man Band: Create the Life You Want. https://youtu.be/NOsMh694JJA

In The Episode:

What does the term One Man Band mean to me and my brand? What was my goal or reason for making the video? How did I make the video? Was I happy with the final product and did it get the results I was hoping for?

What does One Man Band mean?

One Man Band is someone who is multifaceted and not afraid to carve their own path and someone who is self-motivated and resourceful and not relying on anyone to get the job done. “A man on a mission not relying on anyone else to achieve what they want. “

Goal of Video?

My main goal was simply to create a promotional video for Mike Murphy LLC for potential clients or brands who might be interested in working with me. To introduce myself to anyone visiting my website or discovering my content for the first time. I wanted them to know that I was a podcaster and tech guy and someone who was creative and a little different, yet someone who worked really hard but had a positive message to share. How hard could that be to pull off?

How did I make the video?

Production: Day 1: Sunrise I set up my One Man Band Microphone Stand I set up my Canon t5i DSLR Camera, GoPro Hero 4 and iPhones 6 Andrew Budz operated the drone Day 2: Sunset I rode bike with DJI Osmo & iPhone 6 Andrew Budz on Vespa with Glidecam (nuts) & drone Multiple Days: Shooting B-roll (extra shots for the video) Post-Production: Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Artlist.io (Music)


Was I happy with the final product and did it get the results I was hoping for?

Yes. As a creative, I think there is always that self-disapproval when the final product does not look like what you set out to create, but I was happy and proud of the final video. Mostly because I think it conveyed the tone and message of inspiration I was wanting to create.

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