EP96: The Video Show

The 5 ways I use video for my online business today and my strategy and focus for video for the second half of 2017.

Topic of Show: Video Plan & Strategy

Episode 96 is a behind the scenes show.

Topics Covered:

What are the 5 categories types I create video for my business?

What types of videos do I currently create?

What is my moving forward video plan for the summer and remainder of the year?

Along with helpful resources, tips and tricks and ideas to inspire you to take your video production and content creation up a notch.

Inspiration for show: We all know technology and trends are changing at a rapid pace, so today’s episode 96 is a mid-year update to my strategy and I wanted to share it with you so you can better promote your podcast, personal brand and business.

The 5 main ways I use video for Mike Murphy LLC is:

Personal Branding Podcast Promotion Education Advertising & Marketing Revenue Generation

Personal Branding.

This is the core of my business. I am building a business around my name and me. The two most intimate and effective ways to promote your personal brand that I know of today is with podcasting/audio content and video.

Videos I currently create for personal branding: Instagram Stories Facebook & Instagram Live Daily Quick Tips

Tools I Use for Mobile Video: DJI Osmo Manfrotto Pixi Tripod MeFoto Sidekick 360 Rode VideoMicro Manfrotto Lumimuse LED light

Moving Forward Plan: More documentary and vlogging style videos.

Podcast Promotion

Videos I currently create: Weekly videos I create in Adobe After Effects that is a little teaser about my episode.

Shared on website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Medium.

Side Tip: be sure to leave links to your podcast.

Moving Forward Plan: Pick apart the content in each podcast and create multiple videos around the bite-sized parts to generate interest in my podcast

Education. Tutorial videos that go into more detail than my quick tips.

Videos I currently create: Daily Quick Tips Product demonstrations & tutorials

Moving Forward Plan: More Gear & Product demos for podcasters and content creators.

Advertising & Marketing.

Direct marketing with video ads.

Videos I currently create: Facebook Instagram Boosted ads and promos currently with the sole intention of reaching a larger audience.

Moving Forward Plan:
More promo videos adverting my podcast, website and channels to generate some buzz.

Revenue Generation:

Videos I currently create: I have a couple of videos for my animated tools for local business and my new T-shirt designs.

Moving Forward Plan:

I hope to have more products geared towards helping podcasters and creators and I will promote the products with branded videos.


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