Ep94: The Dead Show

Ten life & business lessons learned from The Grateful Dead that have helped me build a personal brand and online business.

Lessons learned from 30+ Years with The Grateful Dead

10 Core Principles behind my personal brand and business

Self-awareness and personal experience in personal branding

Doing your thing is the best thing to do

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10 Principles Behind Mike Murphy LLC personal Brand

Travel is a Priority. The ultimate experience and education of life. The reason I am in business for myself is for the freedom to explore and travel.

Self-Sufficiency. I am a one man band who is not afraid to try new things because I know I can handle anything life throws at me.

Adaptability. Nimble and swift. I can adjust and pivot on a dime and I see this as one of my superpowers and strengths that will help others.

Less is More. The simple things in life are all I need and want.

Community & Relationships. Connection and being kind to others is how I will conduct business and treating others with common courtesy and respect is always the right thing to do.

Creativity Never stop making things and pushing your limits.

Uniqueness Drive your own ship. Do not ask for permission to do your thing and hold your head up high.

Confidence I trust my gut and intuition and know that I will succeed if I give it all I have.

Sharing. Give value to others first and the money and business opportunities will follow to support you.

Life is Good. Don’t forget to smile once in awhile and enjoy the ride.


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