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Music Licensing 101
Online Resources To Get Music for Podcasting & Videos

Common Legal Music Terms

Copyright – Copyright is a legal right given to creators that varies by country, but in the US, copyright protects the original creator of music and photos, art, books, etc and ensures they have the right to be paid or compensated for their work. If you write the song or click the camera shutter, you are the copyright owner and your work is immediately protected by law.

Public Domain -The intellectual property rights or copyrights have expired, or simply they are really old. You’ll find a lot of old books and songs in the public domain and they are free for anyone to use.

Trivia: -Currently, copyrights for music produced after 1978 are valid for the life of the creator plus an additional 70 years before they enter public domain, so that is a good amount of time.

Resource Mentioned:

Royalty Free – Royalty free means you have permission to use copyrighted material with unlimited usage rights, meaning. You do not have to pay future royalties and you can use on however many projects you want. So when you purchase a song from a site that offers royalty free music, you pay one time and that is it.

Creative Commons – Music under Creative Commons license is free to use but the copyright owner can set certain terms and require you to provide attribution, which is a fancy word for credit and in most cases you need to provide a link back to the artist’s website.

Fair Use – is basically an exception to copyright law or you are granted temporary permission to use music or art in certain circumstances such as covering the news or in a journalist situation.

Organizational Pro Tip: When you get a song that requires a link back, Create a text document and save it with the song file and put them in the same folder so you know when you see both files you need to copy and paste the link.

Download Tip:
When given the choice, download the .wav file (uncompressed) as it will be the highest quality compared to the .mp3 which is compressed audio.


AudioJungle.com (Envato)
Royalty Free Music.
Approx $20/song

Royalty Free Music.
Approx $50/song
Excellent tutorials on After Effects & Video Editing

AudioBlocks.com (Subscription)
Unlimited Downloads. Royalty Free.
For Video: videoblocks.com

Royalty Free Music.
Also have photos, motion graphics & video

EpidemicSound.com (Subscription)
$15/month for YouTube Subscription
Great for Vlog-style videos

Artlist.io (Subscription)
Excellent selection
Unlimited downloads. Royalty Free.

Bonus Resources:
Coolest Curation Tool Ever (I use it to get ideas)

Excellent source

Great for Photographers


Filmstro.com (Plugin for Premiere)
DIY Mixing. Pretty Cool


Casey Neistat Vlog Style Music:

Andrew Applepie

David Cutter Music (Casey Neistat Uses Some of His Music):
Approx. $10–20/trach

Free Music Resources:

Sound Effects:
Adobe Audition Sound Effects Library




Free Music

YouTube Audio Library:
In the Creator Studio of your YouTube channel

By Kevin McLeod






Organization Tips:

Build A Sound Library-Keep it Organized

My Folder Structure:
Master Folder = Audio & Sounds
Sub-Folders I Organize by Where I Got Music (Premium Beat…)
Inside SubFolders I Create Folders for Genre/Mood
I put Track & Text File with attribution together


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