Episode 83: How To Build A Personal Brand: Part 2

Behind the scenes look at my exact approach and strategies to building a personal brand. 5 strategies and tactics I am using to build the Mike Murphy personal brand so I can build a business doing what I love and that is learning technology, creating content and teaching and inspiring others to move forward in business and in life.

Episode 82:How To Build A Personal Brand: Part 1

Listen to Episode 82 In Part 1, I shared 5 core principles for how to build a personal brand. Five core principles: Start ASAP Practice & Develop Your Skills Create Content & Build a Body of Work Be Productive & Hone Your Business Skills Teach or Share What You Know:

Pre-Show Tips:

Do you. Learn and be inspired by others online whose message resonates with you, but do not compare yourself to anyone or be envious of anyone’s status or success. Create Your Content. Everything has been done before. It’s okay if others you look up to have a successful class or business. They are not you. Create content you want to make and be better.

Strategies and Tactics: Building a Personal Brand.

Strategy 1. Self-Awareness.

It is a strategy for me. Self-awareness to me is understanding my strengths and weaknesses and doing more of what I am good at and less of what I am not. Understanding what makes me unique and how others perceive me impacts the content I create and the words I use and tone I set. 3 Ways to Learn Self-Awareness: Ask at least 5 friends and family members what they think you are good at. Take StrengthsFinder 2.0 test and discover your strengths. Take Sally Hogshead How You Fascinate assessment, which reveals how others see you. This was a real eye opener for me and I reference the results regularly. Me: The Anchor Primary advantage: Trust Secondary advantage: Mystique

Strategy 2. Branding & Artwork.

Visual branding. The colors and fonts you choose and artwork should all be a reflection of you and your style. with textures and organic qualities to give off a blue collar or craftsman feel that I relate to. My brand reflects my style and personality and how I want people to talk about me when I am not in the room. Consistently using my orange and yellow retro colors and my face and Podcast schoolbus and tagline of Learn. Create. Move Forward in all of my web homes. I do not want my brand to look refined or elegant. I want it to look a little scrappy and different. Like me. Tip: Choose a font and color palette and stick with it. Fiverr Tip: Use Fiverr to find a color palette for your brand. $5 is a worthwhile investment and I say try several designers and find a color palette that works for you. Resources Mentioned: Adobe Color Coolors.co

Strategy 3.Content Creation & Marketing:

I am building a personal brand around being a content creator of video, audio and writing and an expert in the tools used to create content. Main Content: Podcast (Audio) Videos (Tutorials on YouTube, Insta, Facebook) Medium (Writing articles)

Strategy 4. Business & Networking:

Monetization: Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Adobe, Websites) Education Content (courses, books, etc) Video Production (tutorials and animated videos) Consulting Networking: Social Media, Events (Podfest & Podcast Movement) Local Business

Strategy 5: Teaching & Sharing What You Know.

This goes hand in hand with content creating, but a big strategy for me is putting myself out there and teaching and being a person who genuinely wants to help others. I started this by doing Ask Mike Anything by live streaming on Blab and Firetalk every Monday night and now I use Instagram & Facebook stories and live to teach and share my journey. I will also add YouTube live to the mix soon enough.

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