Ep78: The PodFest 2017 Show

What is The Podfest Multimedia Expo?

Why did I attend? What did I learn? What tips do I have for your next event or conference? Podfest 2017

What is Podfest MultiMedia Expo:

Podfest or PME is an educational and training conference for independent podcasters created by Chris & Katie Krimitsos. According to the Podfest Website: “Podfest Multimedia Expo is the conference for podcasters, digital influencers and changemakers who want to grow their brand and audience and maximize their income.” Date: Podfest Multimedia Expo 2017 February 22–25th,2017 Price: $249 (Early Bird) Location: Caribe Royale Hotel Orlando, FL $180/night The Schedule 8–5 Classes & Workshops 6–2 am Meet & Greets

Why Did I Go?

Year 1 in 2016: To learn more about audio production and how to grow and make my podcast better. I also wanted to get my face and brand out there and connect with fellow podcasters. Check out Episode 27 for Podfest 2016 Reflection. Year 2 in 2017: The focus was on Mike Murphy LLC and the business. For those of you on a similar path or journey as me trying to start an online business or working for yourself, events like these are a goldmine of inspiration and ideas. My biggest struggle with the business side of things, I.e. Charging others for my knowledge and expertise. My Mantra & Advice to you: Just keep creating and doing what you do. It will happen.

My Takeaways:

**What did I learn or takeaway from Podfest 2017? ** 1. The Power of Networking Meeting people face to face is much better than social media relationships. 2: Listen and observe more than you talk at events. Make it less about you or more about you being interested in the person you are talking to, they will be more likely to stay engaged and help you if they can. 3: Don’t forget the vendors. They represent brands that market to the podcast community, so making a connection or good impression may lead to a sponsorship or product demos or an introduction to one of their affiliates. 4: You never know who is listening to your podcast or reading your blog or Medium articles or watching your tutorials. I have said this many times and I’ve heard it many times, but I assure you it’s true.

One of my favorite quotes by Derek Sivers, “What’s obvious to you is amazing to others.”

Note: Even though you may not get a lot of engagement or feedback on your episodes, there are people tuning in and you need to show up and deliver the best content you can as you never know who is listening. You are making an impact.

Conference Tips:


Plan: Be active in the Facebook pages of the event and be helpful or kind in the group so that maybe others will want to meet you in person. Make connections on social. Find out the topics they specialize in so you can engage in a meaningful conversation. Why you are going? Set yourself up for success. Read up on the event and do your homework well ahead of time. What do you need to learn the most or who do you think will help you the most? What will you say to someone you want to connect with? Is there any common ground to break the ice? Plan on early mornings and long days.

During the Event:

Build an Event survival kit: Pack a warm jacket or sweatshirt because conference halls can be really cold. Bringing your own snacks like nuts and fruit to keep you going. Drink plenty of water Bring chapstick Bring Emergen-C or Throat Coat, etc to keep the voice fresh and germs at bay. Have a charger and external battery for your phone (Here is my favorites) Bring tons of business cards.

After the Event:

Follow up with anyone you said you would contact Send any thank yous via email or on social. Input business cards you collected them into your Google Contacts or CRM with any notes you can remember. Put Podfest 2017 in the notes of my Google Contacts so I can search. Side Tip Resource: Conferencetopia by Michael O’Neal is a free 3-video course on getting the most out of conferences. I thought it was pretty good.

My Next Podcast Event:

Podcast Movement August 23–25, 2017 Anaheim, CA Podcast Movement Hope to see you at the Podcast Movement or Podfest 2018!


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