Episode 76: Part 1
Planning & Pre-Launch
Gear & Production

Episode 77: Part 2
Tagging & Uploading to a Media Host
Setting a website or page for your podcast
Creating an RSS Feed
Going Live on iTunes
Submitting to other podcast directories
Marketing & Production


How To Setup or Launch a Podcast (Part 2)

Step 11: ID3 Tags
The quick definition is ID3 tags are the digital information baked into your mp3 podcast file.

Record & Edit Podcast
Export as .mp3 file
Add ID3 Tags

Software I use: ID3 Editor

Step 12: Media Hosts.
The place you store your mp3 podcast files and video too if you have a video podcast (yes, they exist)

I use Libsyn for $15/month
Other notables include Spreaker, Soundcloud, Podbean & Blubrry.

Step 13: Set up your Website
You need a home base for your podcast

My exact web setup is:
Wordpress (free)
Divi Themes by Elegant Themes ($69/year)
BlueHost ($13/month for cloud hosting)

Step 14: RSS FEEDS
It stands for Real Simple Syndication. You cannot launch your podcast without a valid RSS feed.

When I hit publish on my podcast and you are a subscriber, it shows up on your devices via RSS feed. If you are not a subscriber to this podcast, you can go do so now. I’ll wait for you.

Every podcast has a unique RSS Feed URL address.

How to generate your RSS Feed:

Method 1 is to generate your RSS Feed with your Media Host such as Libsyn.

Method 2 (my method): Using a WordPress Plugin called Powerpress by Blubrry
My Media host is Libsyn, but I use PowerPress plugin on my website by the Media Host Blubrry to generate the feed. A mixture if you will

Step 15: LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST in iTUNES Go Live. Heck Yeah!

Copy your RSS Feed to your clipboard

You then go to Apple’s podcast portal at www.podcastsconnect.com (the podcast is plural)

Sign in with or create a new Apple ID and you will see a Click on the Plus (+) symbol.

Paste your RSS feed in the box

Step 16: Submit to other directories like Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, Google Play….iTunes is the biggest and most prominent directory or library, but you really should submit your podcast feed to as many as you can or at least the big players.

All you need to do is create an account and paste in your RSS feed one time for the directory to validate it and then you show up in their library.

Step 17: Marketing & Promotion

After every episode my process is:
Use Buffer to send my blog post with the episode and show notes to Twitter, Instagram, Google + & Facebook. Repeat this process 4–5 times per episode

I make a video but you could just do a nice photo with text graphic and post on Instagram & Facebook.

I also write an article on Medium basically taking my show notes or script and carving it into more of a blog article.

The bonus Step 18;
It is possible to make money either either directly from your podcast through sponsorships or listener supported donations through services like Patreon and through affiliate links or marketing your products and services, so just know it’s something to think about if you are starting a podcast this year.

Steps to Launch A Podcast

From Episode 76
Step 1: Start. Commit to starting a podcast and do not overthink it.
Step 2: Time. Do you have time in your work and life schedule to produce a podcast. If yes, move to the next step.
Step 3: Why? Be sure you know the reason or goal and be very honest with yourself on this one.
Step 4. Know your topic and visualize your target audience.
Step 5: What is the format of your show (solo, interview, etc). Also how long are your episodes
Step 6: What is the title
Step 7: Buy the domain name and start considering a website to house your show
Step 8: Artwork & Branding. You need cover art and headshots and promo photos and general design around your show.
Step 9: Buy gear & Equipment
Step 10: Decide on a digital audio workstation to record and edit your show.

Episode 77:

Step 11: ID3 Tags or the metadata in your mp3 file
Step 12: Choosing a Media Host to store your files
Step 13: Building a Website or preparing a home for your podcast
Step 14: RSS Feeds the central nervous system of your podcast
Step 15: Launch Day. Going Live. iTunes/PodcastConnect
Step 16: Submitting to Other Directories like Google Play
Step 17: Marketing & Promotion
Bonus Step 18: Thinking about Monetizing your podcast


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